Products Seasonings
Designed for any application, with high quality raw materials, Vilma Seasonings bring the real taste of nature to your product. Our dedicated R&D team is ready to create the taste of your dreams. All the ingredients are chosen wisely to achieve the best quality for the right price. Our product range covers all desired products:
  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colors
  • No artificial taste enhancers formulations
  • Clean label products

Cheese seasoning
With or without real cheese powder content, VILMA cheese Seasoning will meet all your requests.

Tomato & Ketchup seasoning
From the sweet tomato taste to the ketchup taste, VILMA seasonings bring authenticity to your product.

Pizza seasoning
No matter what type of pizza you like, you will find the perfect taste you are searching for in our product range.

Paprika seasoning
From wisely selected raw materials we have obtained the authentic taste of sweet paprika.

Spices seasoning
You choose the taste and we will make the seasoning for your product.

Cream & sour cream seasoning
With or without real cream powder, Vilma seasonings have the right taste balance to obtain great products.

Chicken seasoning
From Boiled Chicken taste to Grilled Chicken, Vilma seasonings are the optimal choice for tasty products.

Meat seasoning
Vilma Meat Seasonings are suitable for all snack foods (including chips, pop-corn, nuts, crackers and extruded snacks).

Bacon & Ham seasoning
We concentrate our Know-how to obtain seasonings with a great taste profile.

Choose the taste and Vilma seasoning will help you obtain the eat-the-whole-bag effect.

Fish and sea food
Vilma R&D scientists will adapt any seasoning formula to your product, machinery and technology.

World kitchen tastes
Vilma seasonings will help you discover the World of tastes.

Sweet seasoning
Vilma Sweet Seasonings have the right balanced taste profile for a perfect synergy with your product.